In July 2017, Paspalis successfully tendered for and was awarded the Federal Government’s Incubator Support Program for the Northern Territory, a partnership with the Northern Territory Government and Charles Darwin University.  This has resulted in the creation of the Darwin Innovation Hub, a new incubator in the Northern Territory that will attract and support start-ups through the commercialisation of research, co-working, seed funding, mentoring and introductions to valuable international networks.

As owner operators of the Darwin Innovation Hub, Paspalis is in a position to provide PIIF a valuable source of deal flow.  Deals will be sourced through the commercialisation of research out of Charles Darwin University, start-ups introduced through the Northern Territory Government’s Business Innovation and Support Initiative, Australian or Asia Pacific start-ups seeking the opportunity to test bed their innovation or technology in a Northern Australian key vertical and other valuable commercial networks being developed at the Darwin Innovation Hub.


Paspalis is seeking to invest in both Australian and Offshore companies looking to do business in the Northern Territory.

Australian companies will be considered for investment where those companies are engaged in ventures that create an economic advantage for the Northern Territory. Examples of economic advantages include companies selling a type of innovation that creates productivity gains in Northern Territory industry sectors such as agritech or mining and exploration, employment of Territorians, establishment of a demonstration project or operation in the Northern Territory, establishment of an office in the Northern Territory or development of a company that enhances exports from the Northern Territory or attracts investment to the Northern Territory.

Paspalis will seek to invest in Northern Territory companies seeking to gain access to priority international markets supported by the Austrade Landing Pad program.  Key offshore markets of focus for include China, Germany, Israel, Singapore and the United States.

Offshore companies will be considered for investment where those companies are prepared to relocate to Australia and are involved in ventures that provide an economic advantage to the Northern Territory.  In particular, we will look to invest in offshore companies involved in ventures that can be test bedded in a Northern Territory industry vertical.


Paspalis is focused on developing two-way innovation and investment between the Asia Pacific, China, Europe and the United States.

Our activities include cross border commercialisation of companies through venture capital investment and the development of new markets for companies we are aligned with through our fund.

Current areas of focus include export of Northern Australian innovation companies in to overseas markets, origination of Chinese innovation companies seeking to commercialise in Northern Australian key verticals, and the identification of research and development opportunities in international markets in sectors aligned to the Northern Territory and Charles Darwin University.

We have a strong interest in advocating One Belt One Road innovation projects in Darwin and other emerging markets such as Athens, Greece.