entrepreneurship lean canvas workshop april

Lean Canvas Workshop April

The Lean Canvas Workshop is back for Round Two! 

Hosted by the HUB’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Dean Alle and Program Director, Wendy Pech, these fast paced, interactive workshops are not to be missed.

The workshop provides attendees with an intensive learning experience centered around Entrepreneurship and the Lean Canvas Business Model.

Attendees get to work alongside local, like-minded founders and entrepreneurs to gain an understanding of the Lean Canvas business modelling method. Understand the importance of identifying and testing your ideas and learn how to do it in a lean way. Validate your ideas and increase the impact of your business using the right tools and lean techniques.

Session 1: Entrepreneurship Unplugged April

Session 2: Lean Agile Design Thinking Start-ups April

Topics covered include:

  • Defining entrepreneurship
  • What is corporate entrepreneurship?
  • Can corporate entrepreneurship be relevant to your working life as an employee?
  • Start-ups and new venture creation
  • What sort of people are start-up founders?
  • Who works in start-up teams?
  • Why learning about entrepreneurship is important to you
  • The future of disruptive technology and entrepreneurship
  • How you can get involved in entrepreneurship

You will have the opportunity to begin developing and implementing workable entrepreneurial ideas. It is recommended that participants attend both workshops, however, it is possible to attend just one.

Please note that there are limited places available for these workshops, so book now to avoid missing out.

territory space industry 2020



Last Friday the Territory Space Industry 2020 strategy was launched with the Australian Space Agency.

The strategy was co-launched by Dr Megan Clark, head of the Australian Space Agency (the Agency). The Territory Government is working collaboratively with the Agency and other jurisdictions to develop Australia’s space industry to drive investment, create jobs and position Australia as a key participant in the global space economy.

With technology shifts driving growth in the commercial space industry, Australia has the potential to capture a greater share of the global industry and this strategy provides a framework for the Territory to become a greater part of this.

The establishment of the Australian Space Agency in 2018 , together with its goals of tripling the size of the domestic space industry to $12 billion, has placed a renewed focus on the development of Australia’s space economy.

Territory space industry 2020 aims to position the Northern Territory to take advantage of this opportunity by:

  • growing the Territory’s space industry capabilities
  • connecting Territory industry and businesses with the Australian and global space economy
  • supporting the Territory economy to become ‘space-enabled’ and benefit from advances in the space sector that will lead to growth, jobs and innovation.

To achieve this vision, Territory space industry 2020 outlines four key focus areas:

  1. build knowledge, awareness and enthusiasm for the Territory space sector
  2. support the Territory space project proponents and undertake investment attraction activities
  3. support Team Australia’s approach to growing the space sector’s contribution to the Australian economy
  4. increase community engagement with space

Get a printable version of the Territory space industry 2020 (1.7 mb)

For more information, head to Space in the Northern Territory

program extended

Digital Partnerships Program Extended

The application deadline for Stage 1 Applications has been extended to midnight Sunday 31st March!

The Digital Partnerships Program aims to support the local information and communication technology (ICT) industry to build capacity and create jobs, foster partnerships between the Territory’s ICT sector and other local industries and encourage the development of innovative digital solutions to meet local challenges and support economic growth.

Applications for grant funding are currently open and you can get up to $200,000 on a dollar-for-dollar matched funding basis. The minimum funding amount is $50,000.

Applications for stage 1 can be submitted online only. To apply go to the Grants NT website

Who can apply

Funding is available to organisations only.

To be eligible for funding an organisation must

  • be physically located and actively operating in the NT
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

Types of organisations that are eligible for funding include

  • Employing NT residents – the enterprise employs Territorians. An enterprise which relies exclusively on transient, interstate/international labour or a fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workforce will not satisfy this element.
  • Operating in the Northern Territory for at least six (6) months prior to the application being made.

Third Thursday March – Entrepreneurial Insights

Thank you to everyone who attended Third Thursday March! This month we focused on Entrepreneurial Insights and Lessons Learnt during your start-up journey. It was fantastic to hear from some of start-ups who have each experienced a different journey in business development. We were lucky to have Expert in Residence and serial start-up supporter Dean Alle facilitating the session and providing valuable feedback to our pitchees.

We also heard from the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation’s Director for Business and Innovation, Martin Redhead, on the services and support available to start-ups from the Northern TerrThird Thursday March – Entrepreneurial Insightsitory Government. For more information, check out Innovation NT.

A big thank you to Chad Renando from Startup Status who joined us last night to share insights on the innovation ecosystem all over Australia. Over the last 10 months, Chad has traveled across the country to discover the entrepreneurial landscape with the aim to understand how communities build resilience and are best support through entrepreneurial activity.

TAKE NOTE: Next month, Third Thursday will be moving! Due to Easter, we have decided to bring Third Thursday forward a day to Wednesday the 17th! We hope to see you there.

International Women’s Day

Last week, we had the pleasure of partnering with Chartered Accountants ANZ and the Northern Territory Government to hold an event to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Thank you to guest speakers, Professor Sue Carthew, Amy Page, Lateesha Jeffrey and Kristen Raison for sharing the experiences they have encountered on their business journeys. It was fantastic to hear from a diverse group of women who have each represent various industries on all levels.

International Women’s Day is a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The day was first marked in 1911 and was supported by over one million people. Today, International Women’s Day belongs to all groups collectively everywhere.


What CEOs/MDs say about the Business Acceleration Program

NT CEOs/MDs share their highlights from Module 1 of the Business Acceleration Program.

defence industry update

Northern Territory Defence Industry Update

On Wednesday 6 March, around 170 delegates attended the AIDN Defence and Industry Update presented by the Northern Territory Defence and National Security Advocate, Air Vice-Marshal (Retired) Margaret Staib AM and other key defence, construction and maritime representatives.

The Northern Territory Government along with other private stakeholders are investing in significant Defence infrastructure for the Northern Territory over the next 20 years.  As new platforms move into the Territory, this presents opportunities for local business’ in services, support and maintenance.  It is an exciting time for the Defence Industry in the Territory.

For further on information on Defence in the Territory and how you can get involved, please visit DefenceNT and AIDN NT.

2019 young tall poppy

2019 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards until Wednesday 10th April 2019.

The Tall Poppy Campaign was created in 1998 by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS) to recognise and celebrate Australian intellectual and scientific excellence and to encourage younger Australians to follow in the footsteps of our outstanding achievers. It has made significant achievements towards building a more publicly engaged scientific leadership in Australia.

The Tall Poppy Campaign currently recognises the achievements of Australian scientists through the prestigious annual Young Tall Poppy Science Awards and the biennial CSL Florey Medal.

The Campaign’s Tall Poppy Reaching Students Program engages the winners of Young Tall Poppy Science Awards (‘Tall Poppies’) in activities to promote study and careers in science among school students and teachers as well as an understanding and appreciation of science in the broader community.

The objectives of the Campaign are to:

  • Engage the Australian public in celebrating Australian scientific excellence and recognising its relevance to public policy issues.
  • Foster an Australian culture which celebrates high achievers rather than ‘cutting them down’.
  • Inspire younger Australians about the possibilities of science.
  • Encourage younger Australians to take up tertiary study and careers in the sciences.
  • Improve the scientific literacy of the Australian public.
  • Encourage innovation and creativity through increased investment by government and industry-driven scientific research and development within Australia.

The Tall Poppy Campaign is funded nationally by universities and research institutes in each state and territory, see more.

module 1

Business Acceleration Program

Business Acceleration Program – Module 1

The Business Acceleration Program is an initiative of the Northern Territory Government, hosted by the Darwin Innovation Hub, delivered by the Australian Centre for Business Growth.

Last week, the first cohort of Northern Territory companies completed Module 1 of the Business Acceleration Program. Over the course of three days, CEOs, MDs and their executive teams learnt about the growth journey, the importance of having a plan and how to optimise their marketing and sales from Dr Jana Matthews and a team of Growth Experts.

Based on the Australian Centre for Business Growth’s Knowledge Framework for Growth, teams learn from and work with Growth Experts on what they can do to lead, manage and accelerate business growth. Teams learn what it takes to build a strong organisation that can sustain growth, explore different financing options, choose appropriate marketing and sales strategies, understand how to develop innovative products or services, learn how to track externalities that impact their business, and how to manage themselves as a leader through all four stages of growth.

Find out more about the Business Acceleration Program in Darwin and Alice Springs, Innovation NT

12 businesses

12 businesses share in $5.4m of grants - AusIndustry

12 businesses share in $5.4m of grants – AusIndustry

The Accelerating Commercialisation grants will help businesses turn great ideas into marketable products.

Offers for grants worth $5.4 million will support 12 businesses to help launch their innovative products, processes and services into domestic and international markets.

The funding has been provided from the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

What projects are being funded?

The latest funding offers will assist:

  • Pure Battery Technologies in Brisbane, QLD to help build a pilot manufacturing plant for its cheaper and more environmentally friendly processing of nickel and cobalt into battery materials.
  • Yondo in Maroochydore QLD to help commercialise Live Experience, the company’s product to record and edit pitch-perfect online demos, online classes and online walkthroughs to present as live events with real-time interaction. This will be done by expanding Yondo’s local staff and rapidly go to market in Australia and North America.
  • Evorce in Springwood, QLD to help commercialise a platform which allows the speedy and collaborative resolution of post-divorce financial settlements.
  • Tom and Kath Longan in Kurrimine, QLD to help commercialise and market their sustainable packaging solution for transporting seafood – the TomKat KoolPak.
  • Hemideina in West Melbourne, VIC to help commercialise and gain equity investment for the Hera Wireless Implant, a low-powered, low-cost hearing solution.
  • Drawboard in Melbourne, VIC to help commercialise Bullclip in North American markets. Bullclip is a real-time drawing and document mark-up system for design and construction industries.
  • Immediation in Melbourne, VIC to help commercialise its online dispute resolution platform through pilot customer trials and the development of family law and workplace relations solutions.
  • Matrak in East Melbourne, VIC to help commercialise a platform that automatically converts plans and drawings into a shared, interactive portal for efficient material tracking in the construction industry.
  • Energetique Mining Vehicles in Armidale, NSW to support the establishment of a pilot production facility to manufacture its specialised heavy-duty lithium batteries for electric mining vehicles.
  • ShotTrack in Coffs Harbour, NSW to help develop commercial prototypes and conduct trials at mine sites of its Remote Access Vibration Analysis product which relates to controlled explosions for the mining industry.
  • Daitum in Adelaide, SA to help build a production release version of its analytics software application, which makes AI and machine learning accessible to everyday users in areas such as mining, asset management and health.
  • Ping Services in Adelaide, SA to help commercialise its aero-acoustic device which continuously monitors wind turbines for blade damage, significantly reducing detection times and reducing repair costs.

What are the grants for?

The grants help businesses turn good ideas into marketable products through activities such as trials, upscaling and connecting with new markets.

Experienced Commercialisation Advisers work with the businesses through the different stages of their commercialisation process to guide and provide advice.

So far 375 Australian businesses have benefitted from commercialisation funding through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

What to do: