DIH meets Chinese innovation power house Tencent!

Thanks to the support of Austrade, DIH had the privilege to meet Tencent Holdings Ltd at their amazing head office in Shenzhen at the recent Facing South Conference led by the Northern Territory Government.

DIH CEO Harley Paroulakis and DIH Expert-in-Residence Boris Shao met with Tencent Holdings Ltd Senior Director Hellena while in Shenzhen last month.

Darwin Innovation Hub will work with Tencent to collaborate on a 2-way innovation deal flow development between China and Northern Australia. Thanks to Austrade Shenzhen Manager Ms Selina Yuan, the DIH now has a fantastic contact and formal relationship in place with one of China’s most prestigious innovation companies.

Tencent is the Chinese digital media and telecom conglomerate that owns WeChat and has recently bypassed Facebook, taking out fifth place for the largest corporation in the world. Tencent is also the world’s largest gaming, social media company, and is considered one of the world’s most valuable technology companies. WeChat hit 938 million monthly users back in May of last year, it is easy to see why the corporation is so valuable.

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