Chrissie Paspalis - Mount Sonder 1970

Mt Sonder 1970, Chrissie Paspalis MBE

This oil painting depicts Mt Sonder, 130km west of Alice Springs and which marks one end of the celebrated Larapinta trail.  This remote and beautiful part of the Northern Territory is a sacred Aboriginal place known as Rwetyepme and was a subject often used by acclaimed Aboriginal artist, Albert Namatjira.


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Paspalis is a long-term investor and supporter of the arts. Our belief is that support of the arts has a positive impact on community and humanity, and so we have made the support of artistic endeavours part of our civic vision.

We have an extensive and historic art collection, which started over 50 years ago in the 1960s. The collection has evolved with two primary areas of focus, Indigenous Australian Art and Chinese art.


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