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A Family Office established in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia, in 1927

Our company has pioneered the development of businesses in the Northern Territory for 3 generations and enjoys the reputation of being one of the leading privately-owned investment companies in Northern Australia. Today, our commercial activities include 2-way innovation and investment in the Asia Pacific, investment management, migration investment, commercial property and facility services. Paspalis has a strong civic focus providing targeted financial support to the arts and academia.



Paspalis owns and operates the Darwin Innovation Hub (DIH)

Pictured above: Croc Pitch 2018 at the Darwin Innovation Hub

The DIH is a partnership between Paspalis, Ausindustry, the NTG and Charles Darwin University and was established on the 1 July 2017 when it became the first recipient of the Federal Government’s Incubator Support Initiative.

The DIH supports and commercialises companies and commercial projects that provide an economic advantage to the Northern Territory.  The DIH focusses on the Asia Pacific with partnerships and collaborations in such centres as Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Our key services include start-up business development, start-up mentorship, industry problem workshops, venture capital investment readiness, international market development, executive training workshops and pitch events.


Paspalis is actively investing in innovation projects in the Northern Territory

Pictured above: Spee3d portfolio company picture at exhibition in Germany in 2018

Paspalis operates the first and only venture capital fund in the Northern Territory, Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (PIIF).

The Fund is managed by its Trustee One Investment Group and its investment manager Paspalis Asset Management.

The Darwin Innovation Hub, our regional incubator provides a valuable source of deal flow for PIIF. Companies seeking venture capital investment can work with our experts in residence and management team to become investment ready and make an application to the investment manager of the Fund.

We invest in Australian companies seeking growth in the Asia Pacific region and Asia Pacific companies that are involved in ventures that provide an economic advantage to the Northern Territory.


Paspalis is active in investment management in the Asia Pacific

Pictured left: Our CEO and Investment Manager Harley Paroulakis, speaking at the Northern Territory Government’s October Business Month

In 2018 our company successfully raised $25m establishing the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund and in 2021 has gone on to raise an additional $45 million establishing the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund No. 2.  Paspalis Investment Management One Pty Ltd undertakes the role of investment manager and One Investment Group acts as the Trustee to the Fund.

The Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund is a member fund of the Australian Investment Council. The Australian Investment Council is the singular and leading voice of private capital in Australia. Its members partner with businesses across every sector of the market to help them grow, while supporting their local communities and creating new employment opportunities.

Private capital investors, such as Paspalis make a significant contribution to growing our nation’s economy.


The Migrant Innovation Northern Territory (MINT) program is an initiative owned and managed by Paspalis

Pictured above: Migrant placement agency network throughout the Asia Pacific

The MINT program assists overseas nationals who have demonstrated their commitment to supporting the region’s innovation hub and start up incubator, the Darwin Innovation Hub by investing in venture capital.

The program is supported by the NTG and has successfully facilitated the creation of the NT’s first venture capital fund.

The first MINT program was successfully completed in 2018, resulting in the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund (“Fund”) being opened and raising over $25m establishing the first venture capital fund in the Northern Territory.

The Fund is a member fund of the Australian Investment Council.


Paspalis has over a 50-year history of exemplary performance in property investment activities in Australia.

Our property portfolio includes a diversified mix of office, retail and industrial property including the ownership and management of Darwin’s premier incubator, co-working and conference space.

Pictured left: Paspalis owned headquarters at 48-50 Smith Street Darwin, Northern Territory


Paspalis owns and operates a facility services business in Darwin

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Paspalis Facility Services provides cleaning, gardening and maintenance and building services to our clients in the Northern Territory.

Paspalis has an Occupational Health & Safety Policy based on the belief that the well-being of our employed staff members and others affected by our work is of the utmost importance. Our commitment to OH&S is a priority during all work procedures performed.